anandahr_enh.jpgAnanda Tara Shan, Theosophical Teacher and disciple of the Lord Maitreya, created through her life's work a body of Teachings which carries the impulse for the New Age - the Age of Maitreya, the Age of the Heart. These Teachings offer the reader and student insight into ways to walk the spiritual path, the Way of the Heart.

Ananda Tara Shan is a spiritual teacher who founded The Theosophical Fellowship and Heart Flow Worldwide and personally guided their development until her passing to the inner levels on the 16th of November 2002.

Ananda remains the guiding light of the work in the Fellowship and in Heart Flow, inspiring through the teachings she gave, through the living example that remains very much present in our hearts, and through continued inner direction.

Many of the teachings given through Ananda Tara Shan were given as transmissions at Services and other events. A transmission refers to an overshadowing of Ananda by Masters of the Hierarchy who wanted to speak or sing Their information and transmit Their energy to humanity.

When Ananda used words such as 'I am Jesus', she was speaking on behalf of the Master and was not referring to herself.

One of the best ways to come to know Ananda is through the teachings she brought. A brief description and remembrance of her life and work is given in the section, Teacher of the Heart.

Teacher of the Heart: Ananda Tara Shan

[The following text is taken from the booklet, Teacher of the Heart, to provide a greater description of Ananda Tara Shan and her work.]

This text offers a very brief description of the life and work of Ananda Tara Shan. We hope you will gain a sense of Ananda's presence and contribution in these pages.

The thoughts contained in this text are the author's impressions and reflections, except where quotations are used, and are simply offered as one portrait of Ananda. This booklet is a first draft and very small beginning.

Mary-Faeth Chenery

A few biographical details

Ananda Tara Shan, the Reverend Jeanne Dara De Murashkin, was born in Denmark in 1946. In 1975, Ananda Tara Shan began her work for the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Inner Government of Earth. This work brought her to Australia, and led to the founding of the Society for Maitreya Theosophy in 1991; The Theosophical Fellowship in 1994; and Heart Flow Worldwide in 2001.

Her family recently described her this way:

"Ananda was the mother incarnate. As a child she was nicknamed Jeanne mor, 'Jeanne mum', because she had a natural mothering instinct. She couldn't help taking care of not only her own family but also those who came into contact with her. On occasion we would be introduced to our brother or sister, as she didn't think twice about adopting people into our family who needed a mother. Nor could you enter Ananda's home without being offered refreshments, and she rarely took no for an answer. One of her concerns was always ensuring that people were well fed.

Among her family Ananda was renowned for her curiosity, which stemmed from her desire to always help others. First thing in the morning she would call her mother to check how she was. This call was the first of several she would make throughout the day, and her little angel covered address book was always near at hand."

Ananda is the mother of two daughters and three sons. Again, some thoughts from her family:

"Ananda always wished she had taken a degree in psychology, yet in reality she was a natural psychologist. People gravitated towards her when they had a problem and Ananda knew how to listen and she loved to give advice. No subject was too personal or too embarrassing to bring up with Ananda, maybe because nothing could surprise her, being an old soul.

Ananda's personal motto used to be 'everything will be all right' but this quite recently changed to 'love is all there is.' It is clear how this motto applies to her. Ananda has touched everyone she has ever come in contact with, and to many, she will be unforgettable."

This is one of her many texts about love:
"Do not be afraid to love, even though love often causes suffering to the personality; for when you close off to love to avoid pain, you close off to God and Master and also to the most wonderful feelings and experiences. Throughout many lives we have loved and we have hated. Both qualities survive death."

"Let us decide to love and love only, for love gives life and hatred destroys life. Master loves unconditionally."

"One day you will come to love unconditionally, but not without trying and trying. I know, because I try my very best to love like Master loves. One day I shall succeed, and you shall succeed; then life has taught its lessons, and you are free."
It is, however, impossible to talk about Ananda and not describe the one thing that more than anything else defined her, and that was her unshakable faith. Whether times were tough or easier, she managed to maintain a firm belief in the power of goodness and chose to see the good in every human being, no matter their actions.

As with all great leaders, Ananda showed the rare ability to turn her heart to the smallest task while working tirelessly for the greater good. Whether writing articles for the local newspaper about important issues locally or globally, or writing the week's menu for her family, her interests, passions, and care were unaltered.

Her family can attest to the fact that though Ananda was rarely out of physical pain, she wasn't one to complain. Instead she focused outward on others and was eager to lend a healing hand to anyone in need."

Ananda Tara Shan was an ordained Minister of Religion, and the Churches she founded, the Church of the Resurrected Life and the Church of the Sacred Heart of Maitreya, are affiliated with the Associated Christian Spiritual Churches of Australia.
The Teachings

Ananda taught that we should love the teachings and focus on the teachings, not the teacher. The teachings of Theosophy, the Ancient Wisdom, were her great love, alongside her love of her Master and Teacher, the Lord Maitreya. The teachings, the Divine Law, the Master Who represents the Law and the Wisdom, these are the essence of what the student should focus on.

As she wrote,

"The Heart of the Universe flows through the Heart of Maitreya, Whose Heart encompasses all of the Earth. From Maitreya's Heart, the Love of the greater Heart flows to all hearts on Earth."

"This flow is Heart Flow, and it is felt like a stream of goodness and loving-kindness to all those who will accept it and who will happily and joyfully allow it to bring them to the centre of their inner being where all is clear and peaceful."

or are the teachings only theoretical:

"Heart Flow is no theory, it just is."

Ultimately, as Ananda told us, "love is all there is," and love should be lived.

Ananda sought to make the teachings practical, alive in one's life. She wrote Guidelines for Living a Spiritual Life, an expression of the Lord Maitreya's advice about how students can live a Theosophical life. When a student came to her with a problem, she would often take the person back to the guidelines, to see if the teachings were being lived, as failing to put the guidelines into practice is the source of many, if not most, problems.

Ananda taught that the work of The Theosophical Fellowship is the work of world service, and the Fellowship shares that work with many other groups in the world. She spoke of the Maitreya Sangha:

"There is a spiritual community on Earth composed of souls who on the physical plane belong to a varied spectrum of origins and groups, but who on the inner are motivated by the same purpose and goal, that of preserving the Earth for the coming generations. These people seek to know more about the Divine Wisdom so they can be part of creating the Way of the Heart with the Lord Maitreya, the Bodhisattva and Risen Christ."

"The members of this community, the Maitreya Sangha, are the practical mystics, the intellects who are nourished by the heart, those who deal with others in fairness and justice. They are the ones who will do anything, as long as it is based on the principles of good, to lead humanity towards a new world built upon the Laws of the Heart. They are found in all walks of life, and their desire to live a higher life makes them co-creators with great Beings of Light, as they bring forth from their own inner a deep sense of responsibility and caring attitudes for all life on the planet."

Ananda has a special dharma to help the work of the Lord Maitreya unfold on Earth; this is referred to as the Ananda-Maitreya Impulse. The teachings speak of the Lord Maitreya embodying on Earth in 500 years, and part of Ananda's work is to prepare for this blessed event in the evolution of humanity, the externalisation of the Hierarchy.

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