"All Theosophical work is aimed at global awareness, which means recognising that we are all one in soul and spirit."

From "Theosophical Teachings, Heart Flow and Global Awareness"


"The will-to-good is that which brings about the union of the personality and soul, and which will bring about the union between humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy.** The quality of goodwill is that which identifies those who seek to serve the Hierarchy and the Christ.

Goodwill unites all in the work for the one purpose of bringing peace to Earth, breaking down the divisions that too often seem to separate people of different race, creed, religion, doctrine, and politics.

The Christ and the Hierarchy, Who stand behind every effort made for the good, may make miracles occur should our call be strong enough, for we have free will on Earth and must show our serious intent to the Hierarchy of what we want."

From "Asala. Festival of Goodwill" a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan
and "The Teachings of Ananda Tara Shan", chapter 10.3 Asala


** "Esoteric Psychology II" p448, A.A. Bailey, 1981

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