"The Principle og Dharma

Fulfil your obligations towards your family, your group, and the planet."

From "Right Human Relations Principles" p4,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan


"The Maitreya Sangha

There is a spiritual community on Earth composed of souls who on the physical plane belong to a varied spectrum of origins and groups, but who on the inner are motivated by the same purpose and goal – that of preserving the Earth for the coming generations. These people seek to know more about the Divine Wisdom so they can be part of creating the Way of the Heart with the Lord Maitreya, the Bodhisattva and Risen Christ.

The members of this community, the Maitreya Sangha, are the practical mystics, the intellects who are nourished by the heart, those who deal with others in fairness and justice. They are the ones who will do anything, as long as it is based on the principles of good, to lead humanity towards a new world built upon the Laws of the Heart. They are found in all walks of life, and their desire to live a higher life makes them co-creators with great Beings of Light, as they bring forth from their own inner a deep sense of responsibility and caring attitudes for all life on the planet."

From "Invocations and Prayers to aid World Peace"
a brochure of Ananda Tara Shan
(and also from the homepage of The Theosophical Fellowship)


"The Hierarchy (also known as the Great White Brotherhood) is a group of highly enlightened spiritual beings from the Spiritual Kingdom, who guide and direct the evolution of all life on the Earth in line with the Divine Plan of God. They work from the inner planes, inspiring people from all walks of life and in all professions who have the needed spiritual development and intention of goodwill to help bring forth the Plan onto the physical levels of Earth - a task which is the responsibility of humanity."

"It is the Divine Law that the Hierarchy cannot interfere in human affairs - for the means by which humanity shall find its way into the Spiritual Kingdom (which is the destiny of all human beings) is by learning to take on the responsibilities it has been given. One of our major responsibilities is to cooperate with the Hierarchy. They seek to help us in every way They can, but can only do so when humanity has called forth that help. Invocation, prayer, meditation, serving selflessly, and acting with goodwill are some of the ways we can attract the help of the Hierarchy to the problems in the world."

From " Invocations and Prayers to aid World Peace", p3-p5
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan

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