"How difficult it is to love.
Many think that the feelings they have are love.
But what if in reality those feelings are only liking?
What is love, and how can we describe the love that knows no end?

Love is eternal. Love cannot be turned on with a switch or turned off when no longer wanted.

When you love somebody, your heart is stirred and love becomes a source of wondrous warmth and forgiveness. A person you love can make you sad and angry, but that person cannot make you lose the love.

Love is God. When you love, it is your godself that loves. Your personality can also love, but its love is a love mixed up with human feelings, and it comes and goes like the wind.

True love can be described in beautiful ethereal words, but few know it.
They know the love that comes and goes which is not unconditional, but conditioned by feelings, thoughts, and actions.

This solar system is built upon the Love of God.
Unfortunately, we who live here have not reacted well to God's Will. And our reactions have caused much disturbance and havoc to life of all kinds.

There are so many kinds of love. One of the most holy is the love between guru and disciple or between two soul flames. The most holy is between God and His-Her creation.

Then all other loves can be discussed.
There can be great love between some mothers, fathers, and their children.
There can be great love between some couples, some friends.
There can be great love for one's country or one's possessions or one's work.

But the pure love that just is cannot be described in words.
It must be felt.

Pure love permeates all that breathes. It is God moving within and without all living matter. Materialising within it. Being that spark of life that cannot die but can transfer from one consciousness to another.

Love that has something to do with appearance, with money, with power is no love.

But love that comes from the inner heart and flows endlessly whatever happens is that love which holds the solar system and its planets in balance and harmony. It is that love that breathes life into all living matter and which retracts the last breath from the living flesh so that the inner person can move into a new home, the home where the inner consciousness truly belongs.

When one day you shall look into the loving eyes of your Master, you shall know the love that knows no end. It is there for you to see and to be embraced, to be lifted into without concern. It is pure, it is clear, it is there for you, for everyone – freely given, and it is never changing. You know that whatever you have done, God forgave you before you did it.

But you must allow yourself to open to it. The love is always around, but will you receive it?
Do you dare?
And will your conscience admit it?

This is for you to ponder on and reply to.
Remember that love is. Your own heart must let it in. If it cannot, ask yourself why."

From "The Teachings of Ananda Tara Shan", chapter 14.3,
writings of Ananda Tara Shan, 24 June 2000
(Also available as "Love", a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan)


"Heart Flow is the flow of love that will ultimately transform the world."

From "The Teachings of Ananda Tara Shan", chapter 11.2


"Use the power of prayer, meditation and invocation to right seemingly impossible situations and conditions of human endeavour. Even the deepest wrong can be righted when the heart is allowed to flow unhindered by doubts and scepticism. What are miracles but love in action."

From "The Seventh Ray" p11-12,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan

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