"Global awareness is the first step into world service. The next step is to find out how you can best serve the world. Further steps involve acting upon your inner guidance. If you need to take courses, shorter and longer, to obtain the right skills for your world service, you will do so gladly and with dedication, for the more skills you offer the world and the Light, the more of use you can be.

If you pray for peace, you have to do daily deeds that promote peace on Earth.

If you pray for better health, you have to start eating a better diet and take the necessary remedies for strengthening your physical body.

If you pray for a loving relationship, you have to be more loving yourself to attract a loving partner.

If you pray for a child to help that child improve his or her life in the world, you have to show the child how to live a moral and ethical life by being a fine example of a well-meaning citizen of the world who contributes to your society by trying to express your Buddha nature in all actions.

To pray for others is beneficial, but to follow up the prayer with action will see positive results that you help manifest. Take an active role in life. Become a co-creator with God, one who flows with the cosmic stream. Put no limitations upon self, but live every moment as a human being who wishes to better life for all.

In The Theosophical Fellowship and Heart Flow Worldwide, when we speak about meditation, we speak about going within, into your silent, sacred place where you unite with your Higher Self and your I AM Presence. This is done by breathing peace, invoking silently, praying, contemplating, and ascending into a higher consciousness where you feel the union with all that breathes, all that lives, and finally in meditation becoming "lost" in cosmic awareness.

Reaching the level of contemplation induces in itself the ascension into a higher consciousness where you begin to feel a oneness with people whose hearts are enthusiastic and fiery, burning like yours to improve life on Earth. This is where you touch upon global awareness, which indicates that you feel for other peoples, other nations, and sincerely and deeply wish to alleviate suffering in the world.

Global awareness makes you wish to make the world a better place for all and you put energy, time, and finances into work that promotes positive results to that effect.

Practising meditation, saying prayers and mantras, and taking part in healing services give the instigation, the ideas, and the inspiration now to offer your personal contribution to the healing of the Earth, to the establishing of right human relations, and to the social and psychological welfare of humanity."

From "Heart Flow and Global Awareness"
of Ananda Tara Shan
a text for the Asala Festival 2002


"If you are globally aware this means that you are being aware of what occurs globally and feeling part of what happens on earth. If you are inclusive this means that you take part in humanity’s suffering and joy within your own heart. A sensitive being is involved in all events whether they occur on your own doorstep or whether they occur in other nations."

From "In Memory of the Victims of Terrorism", on the homepage
of The Theosophical Fellowship
by Ananda Tara Shan


"Let it be understood - that though the Lord Christ has a name that has given name to the word "Christian" and to Christian churches, He is the Christ, the Bodhisattva, the World Teacher for all spiritual, religious, philosophical, and cultural groups on the planet. He is absolutely not Teacher or Leader only for the Christian churches. We must always keep that in mind and become global in consciousness so that we may become a true world server group. A true world server group cannot be limited by one nation’s boundaries, by one nation’s karma, or by one people’s consciousness. To become a true world server group, we must go beyond one nation to project our consciousness to other countries, to other people for the Lord Maitreya's sake whenever the need arises.
When we so work as citizens of this Earth, not only citizens of Australia but of the entire planet, and become planetary citizens and then universal citizens, then you will understand what it is to serve unselfishly and facelessly for our Lord Maitreya."

From "Let it be understood", on the homepage
of The Theosophical Fellowship
by Ananda Tara Shan

© The Theosophical Fellowship