"The Principle of Balance

Do not go to extremes of desires or of self-negation.

Let the Love of the Divine Mother create harmony, joy, and balance in your life."

From "Right Human Relations Principles" p11,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan


"The Spirit of Resurrection has appeared on Earth, slowly manifesting Itself in the work and in the development of those who have made the firm decision to live a holy life for the sake of helping the Earth and humanity move forward in harmony.

They, on their path of rapid progress, do not harm the Earth in any way but live a balanced lifestyle that enables the nature life of Earth to be healed.

For humanity's merciless advancement in technology and industry, speeding up a certain lifestyle, has hurt the Earth body considerably - becoming so detrimental to Earth that it is nearly exploding with inner stress and tension in the Earth crust.

The Spirit of Resurrection has come not only to teach humanity that there is joy in moderation, but that resurrection of the inner and outer self makes for a truly spiritual and physical well-being where hope and joy become dominant qualities, taking the place of depression and despair."

From "The Spirit of Resurrection" p11 - p14,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan

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