Denne praksis skal bruges over en periode på 18 måneder for at hjælpe med at bringe Heart Flow ind i vores daglige liv og til at forberede os til at være sammen med mennesker på en anden måde fra et Heart Flow perspektiv.

I begyndelsen af hver måned skal du forbinde dig med den kvalitet, som du vil arbejde med fra de 18 nøgler til Hjertets Visdom, og tilføje denne kvalitet til decrees om Heart Flow, som er anført nedenfor.

Stræb efter at bruge tid hver dag på at decrees for nøglerne til Hjertets Visdom såvel som decrees om Violet Ild.

Ananda Tara Shan nævner at følgende kvaliteter eller "nøgler" vil hjælpe dig med at udvikle hjertet.

  1. Harmony and Balance / Harmoni og Balance
  2. Will to do good / Vilje til det gode
  3. Humour / Humor
  4. Harmlessness / Harmløshed
  5. Love / Kærlighed
  6. Goodwill / Goodwill
  7. Politeness / Høflighed
  8. Compassion / Medfølelse
  9. Kindness / Venlighed
  10. Mercy / Barmhjertighed
  11. Joy / Glæde
  12. Transformation / Forvandling
  13. Integrity / Integritet
  14. Humility / Ydmyghed
  15. Understanding / Forståelse
  16. Courage / Mod
  17. Gentleness / Mildhed
  18. Peace / Fred

Heart Flow Decrees (på engelsk)

To be used with qualities from Keys to the Wisdom of the Heart.

Jesus  fill my heart with .......(quality).......
Jesus  fill my mind with .......(quality).......
Jesus  fill my body with .......(quality).......

Meditate on the quality and say each sentence 12 times.

Feel free to substitute any other Divine Being Who you want to work with.

Heart Flow, Heart Flow,
may my heart flow
with the quality of .......(quality).......

Feel free to add the qualities to any Heart Flow decree you would like to work with.


Heart Flow Decrees (på dansk)

Kan bruges med kvaliteter fra Nøgler til Hjertets Visdom.

Jesus fyld mit hjerte med .......(kvalitet).......
Jesus fyld mit sind med .......(kvalitet).......
Jesus fyld min krop med .......(kvalitet).......

Mediter over kvaliteten og sig hver sætning 12 gange.

Du er velkommen til at erstatte med ethvert andet guddommeligt væsen, som du ønsker at arbejde med.

Heart Flow, Heart Flow,
lad mit hjerte strømme
med kvaliteten .......(kvalitet).......

Du er velkommen til at tilføje kvaliteterne til ethvert Heart Flow decree, som du gerne vil arbejde med.

Nedenfor finder du citater om en række udvalgte kvaliteter, rigtig god fornøjelse med at studere og reflektere over dem.

"The Principle of Joy of Work

Learn to serve selflessly with pure motive and with joy."

From "Right Human Relations Principles" p8,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan


"Find joy in every task.
Find contentment in your dharma.
This makes for a good life."

From "The Living Word of the Hierarchy" p6,
a book of Ananda Tara Shan


"The reality shows a marked change in a number of people who are suddenly awakening to a higher consciousness, which enables them to embrace life in a new and joyous way."

From "The Seventh Ray" p13,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan

© The Theosophical Fellowship

"The Principle of Gratitude

Learn to give thanks to life and to God for everything that you meet on your path."

From "Right Human Relations Principles" p10,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan


Thank you, O Lord and Lady God, that we may eat from Your bountiful table.

You feed us, You nourish us at all times, with Your Word, Your Spirit, and Your Food, physical and pure.

God, good and loving, feed thus all your children on Earth, and leave no child to starve or thirst, but create through Your Son a world abundant to all living here.


From "The Living Word of the Hierarchy" p83,
a book of Ananda Tara Shan

© The Theosophical Fellowship

"The Principle og Dharma

Fulfil your obligations towards your family, your group, and the planet."

From "Right Human Relations Principles" p4,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan


"The Maitreya Sangha

There is a spiritual community on Earth composed of souls who on the physical plane belong to a varied spectrum of origins and groups, but who on the inner are motivated by the same purpose and goal – that of preserving the Earth for the coming generations. These people seek to know more about the Divine Wisdom so they can be part of creating the Way of the Heart with the Lord Maitreya, the Bodhisattva and Risen Christ.

The members of this community, the Maitreya Sangha, are the practical mystics, the intellects who are nourished by the heart, those who deal with others in fairness and justice. They are the ones who will do anything, as long as it is based on the principles of good, to lead humanity towards a new world built upon the Laws of the Heart. They are found in all walks of life, and their desire to live a higher life makes them co-creators with great Beings of Light, as they bring forth from their own inner a deep sense of responsibility and caring attitudes for all life on the planet."

From "Invocations and Prayers to aid World Peace"
a brochure of Ananda Tara Shan
(and also from the homepage of The Theosophical Fellowship)


"The Hierarchy (also known as the Great White Brotherhood) is a group of highly enlightened spiritual beings from the Spiritual Kingdom, who guide and direct the evolution of all life on the Earth in line with the Divine Plan of God. They work from the inner planes, inspiring people from all walks of life and in all professions who have the needed spiritual development and intention of goodwill to help bring forth the Plan onto the physical levels of Earth - a task which is the responsibility of humanity."

"It is the Divine Law that the Hierarchy cannot interfere in human affairs - for the means by which humanity shall find its way into the Spiritual Kingdom (which is the destiny of all human beings) is by learning to take on the responsibilities it has been given. One of our major responsibilities is to cooperate with the Hierarchy. They seek to help us in every way They can, but can only do so when humanity has called forth that help. Invocation, prayer, meditation, serving selflessly, and acting with goodwill are some of the ways we can attract the help of the Hierarchy to the problems in the world."

From " Invocations and Prayers to aid World Peace", p3-p5
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan

© The Theosophical Fellowship

"Right Human Relations are based upon love and respect, respecting all people and nations no matter what they believe in, knowing that truth is relative and that truth is the ultimate purpose in the evolution of soul. They mean that, by loving, we can solve all conflicts no matter how difficult."

From "The Teachings of Ananda Tara Shan" chapter 13,
Right Human Relations, a book of Ananda Tara Shan


"Spread an auric light of goodwill around you, believing in the good of all souls coming into all affairs of the world."

From "The Seventh Ray" p8,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan

© The Theosophical Fellowship

"Right human relations means acting with harmlessness when associating with other people. This also means to act with honesty, integrity, and natural politeness simply because you care for people, and to try to show that it can be done the way Master would like it."


From "The Living Word of the Hierarchy", p120
by Ananda Tara Shan


"When you are a just person, you have a clear conscience because you act by the principles of the divine laws.

An aspect of justice is righteousness, which is why Jesus the Christ is called the Teacher of Righteousness and a Lord of Justice, for He was and is always acting out the divine law and meeting out justice to people on Earth.

Justice also signifies equity, fairness, honesty, integrity, and more."

"A just person is a person who is acting morally and ethically in all situations."

From "Maitreya Theosophy on Justice", on the homepage
of The Theosophical Fellowship
by Ananda Tara Shan

© The Theosophical Fellowship

"How difficult it is to love.
Many think that the feelings they have are love.
But what if in reality those feelings are only liking?
What is love, and how can we describe the love that knows no end?

Love is eternal. Love cannot be turned on with a switch or turned off when no longer wanted.

When you love somebody, your heart is stirred and love becomes a source of wondrous warmth and forgiveness. A person you love can make you sad and angry, but that person cannot make you lose the love.

Love is God. When you love, it is your godself that loves. Your personality can also love, but its love is a love mixed up with human feelings, and it comes and goes like the wind.

True love can be described in beautiful ethereal words, but few know it.
They know the love that comes and goes which is not unconditional, but conditioned by feelings, thoughts, and actions.

This solar system is built upon the Love of God.
Unfortunately, we who live here have not reacted well to God's Will. And our reactions have caused much disturbance and havoc to life of all kinds.

There are so many kinds of love. One of the most holy is the love between guru and disciple or between two soul flames. The most holy is between God and His-Her creation.

Then all other loves can be discussed.
There can be great love between some mothers, fathers, and their children.
There can be great love between some couples, some friends.
There can be great love for one's country or one's possessions or one's work.

But the pure love that just is cannot be described in words.
It must be felt.

Pure love permeates all that breathes. It is God moving within and without all living matter. Materialising within it. Being that spark of life that cannot die but can transfer from one consciousness to another.

Love that has something to do with appearance, with money, with power is no love.

But love that comes from the inner heart and flows endlessly whatever happens is that love which holds the solar system and its planets in balance and harmony. It is that love that breathes life into all living matter and which retracts the last breath from the living flesh so that the inner person can move into a new home, the home where the inner consciousness truly belongs.

When one day you shall look into the loving eyes of your Master, you shall know the love that knows no end. It is there for you to see and to be embraced, to be lifted into without concern. It is pure, it is clear, it is there for you, for everyone – freely given, and it is never changing. You know that whatever you have done, God forgave you before you did it.

But you must allow yourself to open to it. The love is always around, but will you receive it?
Do you dare?
And will your conscience admit it?

This is for you to ponder on and reply to.
Remember that love is. Your own heart must let it in. If it cannot, ask yourself why."

From "The Teachings of Ananda Tara Shan", chapter 14.3,
writings of Ananda Tara Shan, 24 June 2000
(Also available as "Love", a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan)


"Heart Flow is the flow of love that will ultimately transform the world."

From "The Teachings of Ananda Tara Shan", chapter 11.2


"Use the power of prayer, meditation and invocation to right seemingly impossible situations and conditions of human endeavour. Even the deepest wrong can be righted when the heart is allowed to flow unhindered by doubts and scepticism. What are miracles but love in action."

From "The Seventh Ray" p11-12,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan

© The Theosophical Fellowship

"All Theosophical work is aimed at global awareness, which means recognising that we are all one in soul and spirit."

From "Theosophical Teachings, Heart Flow and Global Awareness"


"The will-to-good is that which brings about the union of the personality and soul, and which will bring about the union between humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy.** The quality of goodwill is that which identifies those who seek to serve the Hierarchy and the Christ.

Goodwill unites all in the work for the one purpose of bringing peace to Earth, breaking down the divisions that too often seem to separate people of different race, creed, religion, doctrine, and politics.

The Christ and the Hierarchy, Who stand behind every effort made for the good, may make miracles occur should our call be strong enough, for we have free will on Earth and must show our serious intent to the Hierarchy of what we want."

From "Asala. Festival of Goodwill" a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan
and "The Teachings of Ananda Tara Shan", chapter 10.3 Asala


** "Esoteric Psychology II" p448, A.A. Bailey, 1981

© The Theosophical Fellowship

"If you desire a world of peace, you must first learn to live with yourself and others in peace."

The Lord Jesus through Ananda Tara Shan
from an Ananda quotation card


"Find the peace, the peace which lies in every one of you.
It is your own Higher Self that is that peace."

Ananda Tara Shan, July 2001
from an Ananda quotation card


"Through the Mother, Maitreya seeks to recreate the equilibrium of the new world.

It is through the Mother that He introduces the concept of a new kind of peace, which is dynamic and governed by Justice and by the Will of God."

From "Age of Maitreya Through the Divine Mother" p2 - p3,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan

© The Theosophical Fellowship

“A compassionate person is a compassionate heart.

When the heart of a person is full of unconditional love and when the mind of the same person is governed only by the will to do good, then that person is a compassionate person.

The compassionate heart of a compassionate person is filled with tenderness, with self-sacrifice for others who suffer, and with forgiveness of others who act out of ignorance because they have not yet learned to act for the good of all.

A compassionate heart has forgiven self for its many past transgressions committed by ignorance and ancient evil.

A compassionate heart has faced its own realities and will never again blame any other person for the errors that it has committed.

A compassionate heart knows no friends or foe, but has equal love for all souls with whom it shares life's many lessons.

A compassionate person controls his or her lower self and has found harmony and balance, for he or she has aligned with the Higher Self that now acts through the heart and the mind with love.

There are levels of compassion as there are levels of illumination.
A Buddha and a Christ have levels of compassion that cannot be understood by human beings.

Their compassion is the highest expression of compassion on Earth.
To explain further: A compassionate person is governed by the Light of Good and sees good in all situations, conditions, and in all living beings.
The eyes of a compassionate person express the softest, most glowing light that lives in the heart, and the mind expresses the blinding light of higher illumination.

A compassionate heart can never again blame life's challenges for causing distress, for it looks upon those challenges as a wonderful possibility to improve self.

A compassionate heart does not need to learn any lessons to love more, for that heart has been taught how to help, to serve, and to love according to the Laws of the Heart.

The heart is free of all self-interest and base motivations of the personal self. It has become all encompassing of the whole world and those who live in it.

Compassion is therefore the quality that bespeaks of true loving kindness and understanding which make a human being a loving person, who with compassion and mercy and full clarity has awakened to the reality of self and the realisation of the Higher Self.”

From "Compassion",
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan
Text given by Ananda Tara Shan, 2 September 2002

© The Theosophical Fellowship

"The Principle of Balance

Do not go to extremes of desires or of self-negation.

Let the Love of the Divine Mother create harmony, joy, and balance in your life."

From "Right Human Relations Principles" p11,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan


"The Spirit of Resurrection has appeared on Earth, slowly manifesting Itself in the work and in the development of those who have made the firm decision to live a holy life for the sake of helping the Earth and humanity move forward in harmony.

They, on their path of rapid progress, do not harm the Earth in any way but live a balanced lifestyle that enables the nature life of Earth to be healed.

For humanity's merciless advancement in technology and industry, speeding up a certain lifestyle, has hurt the Earth body considerably - becoming so detrimental to Earth that it is nearly exploding with inner stress and tension in the Earth crust.

The Spirit of Resurrection has come not only to teach humanity that there is joy in moderation, but that resurrection of the inner and outer self makes for a truly spiritual and physical well-being where hope and joy become dominant qualities, taking the place of depression and despair."

From "The Spirit of Resurrection" p11 - p14,
a booklet of Ananda Tara Shan

© The Theosophical Fellowship

Right Human Relations are based upon love and respect, respecting all people and nations no matter what they believe in, knowing that truth is relative and that truth is the ultimate purpose in the evolution of soul.

They mean that, by loving, we can solve all conflicts no matter how difficult.

Excerpt from the text "Right Human Relations" by Ananda Tara Shan:

"We use the term 'Right Human Relations' much in the work of The Theosophical Fellowship, in writings, in speeches, in explanations, and in descriptions of how the Lord Christ wishes for us to live with one another.

We use the term 'Right Human Relationships' when talking about brotherliness and brother-sisterly togetherness, and in that of showing goodwill to all, but what, in reality, is the right meaning behind this term?

Does anyone feel or think that they know the implications of those words that mean so much to Lord Christ, He often uses them when speaking about a new way of life?

What would Right Human Relations mean to Him?

It means right relations between human beings. What, in reality, does this signify in a world where people struggle, fight and quarrel about the right to live as they see fit, no matter what the consequences?

Right Human Relations are based upon love and respect, respecting all people and nations no matter what they believe in, knowing that truth is relative and that truth is the ultimate purpose in the evolution of soul. Right Human Relations means that, by loving, we can solve all conflicts, no matter how difficult.

Why is there so little love and respect among people?

Perhaps because people are focussing on their needs more than the needs of others, and loving only comes when one is forgetting self and when one is respecting those who have learned to live in the understanding of the Self. People forget that their actions touch the lives of the many in a multitude of ways.

Right Human Relations sounds like a utopian condition on Earth, knowing that Right Human Relations is only prevalent under certain choice conditions and then in only a small number of humanity.

There are no real foundations for Right Human Relations, generally speaking, until people find out that love is what makes life worth living and that the love we show each other in all situations will heal them as well as the Earth.

Love and respect are two wondrous qualities which, when lived, open up to the good life, where contentment and gratitude touch the person's self, creating a balanced lifestyle where enjoyment and spiritual upliftment colour the self golden and rose, thereby letting the person connect with soul and spirit.

Right Human Relations is the keynote of the Age of Maitreya, and however little we see humanity living like brothers, this will eventually happen in the future when the then living humanity has learned the hard way that unless they function as groups of people, meaning something to each other, and act out of love and respect for each other, they cannot survive on Earth.

The new humanity will live by the Laws of the Heart and will therefore live in Right Human Relations, allowing the freedom of the individual to manifest in beauty and purity.

Life on Earth for the righteous is really very beautiful. It is not lived on outer expectations but on inner glorification and is not depending only upon outer manifestations but very much upon inner communication and connection with the consciousness of the I Am.

This which I here mention is not Utopia, but the realism of an age soon to be, for many changes will occur over the next 100 years and the result will astound you."

From "The Teachings of Ananda Tara Shan" chapter 13 and 13.1,
Right Human Relations, a book of Ananda Tara Shan
From the writings of Ananda Tara Shan, 13 November 2000

© The Theosophical Fellowship

"Global awareness is the first step into world service. The next step is to find out how you can best serve the world. Further steps involve acting upon your inner guidance. If you need to take courses, shorter and longer, to obtain the right skills for your world service, you will do so gladly and with dedication, for the more skills you offer the world and the Light, the more of use you can be.

If you pray for peace, you have to do daily deeds that promote peace on Earth.

If you pray for better health, you have to start eating a better diet and take the necessary remedies for strengthening your physical body.

If you pray for a loving relationship, you have to be more loving yourself to attract a loving partner.

If you pray for a child to help that child improve his or her life in the world, you have to show the child how to live a moral and ethical life by being a fine example of a well-meaning citizen of the world who contributes to your society by trying to express your Buddha nature in all actions.

To pray for others is beneficial, but to follow up the prayer with action will see positive results that you help manifest. Take an active role in life. Become a co-creator with God, one who flows with the cosmic stream. Put no limitations upon self, but live every moment as a human being who wishes to better life for all.

In The Theosophical Fellowship and Heart Flow Worldwide, when we speak about meditation, we speak about going within, into your silent, sacred place where you unite with your Higher Self and your I AM Presence. This is done by breathing peace, invoking silently, praying, contemplating, and ascending into a higher consciousness where you feel the union with all that breathes, all that lives, and finally in meditation becoming "lost" in cosmic awareness.

Reaching the level of contemplation induces in itself the ascension into a higher consciousness where you begin to feel a oneness with people whose hearts are enthusiastic and fiery, burning like yours to improve life on Earth. This is where you touch upon global awareness, which indicates that you feel for other peoples, other nations, and sincerely and deeply wish to alleviate suffering in the world.

Global awareness makes you wish to make the world a better place for all and you put energy, time, and finances into work that promotes positive results to that effect.

Practising meditation, saying prayers and mantras, and taking part in healing services give the instigation, the ideas, and the inspiration now to offer your personal contribution to the healing of the Earth, to the establishing of right human relations, and to the social and psychological welfare of humanity."

From "Heart Flow and Global Awareness"
of Ananda Tara Shan
a text for the Asala Festival 2002


"If you are globally aware this means that you are being aware of what occurs globally and feeling part of what happens on earth. If you are inclusive this means that you take part in humanity’s suffering and joy within your own heart. A sensitive being is involved in all events whether they occur on your own doorstep or whether they occur in other nations."

From "In Memory of the Victims of Terrorism", on the homepage
of The Theosophical Fellowship
by Ananda Tara Shan


"Let it be understood - that though the Lord Christ has a name that has given name to the word "Christian" and to Christian churches, He is the Christ, the Bodhisattva, the World Teacher for all spiritual, religious, philosophical, and cultural groups on the planet. He is absolutely not Teacher or Leader only for the Christian churches. We must always keep that in mind and become global in consciousness so that we may become a true world server group. A true world server group cannot be limited by one nation’s boundaries, by one nation’s karma, or by one people’s consciousness. To become a true world server group, we must go beyond one nation to project our consciousness to other countries, to other people for the Lord Maitreya's sake whenever the need arises.
When we so work as citizens of this Earth, not only citizens of Australia but of the entire planet, and become planetary citizens and then universal citizens, then you will understand what it is to serve unselfishly and facelessly for our Lord Maitreya."

From "Let it be understood", on the homepage
of The Theosophical Fellowship
by Ananda Tara Shan

© The Theosophical Fellowship